Event Cost

In-Person Event Costs: RLI Part I, II, III: $60.00 (with a possible adjustment to reflect local conditions) each Virtual Event Costs: RLI Part I, II, III: $15.00 each w/o printed materials or $25.00 with printed materials. Ask your RLI District Coordinator for details  

How do I register?

Registration using the website is now done through DACdb. On this page there is a list of available sessions to the left and a calendar is shown below. You can click on “More Info” on the list, then click on one of the registration options at the bottom of the page or click on a session in the calendar below to start the registration process BUT, my recommendation for Rotarians is to log into DACdb, look at the calendar there (be sure the “RLI Training Events” box is checked), find the event you are interested in attending and click on “Register Now”.