RLI Coordinator Procedures – An outline of RLI Coordinator roles and responsibilites regarding management of RLI registration and expenses.

Coordinators Procedures

RLI Graduation Certificate

RLI Graduation Certificate Template 

Instructions on the use of the Expense Reimbursment Form – Please download and keep this form for reference when completing the Expense Reimbursement Form. Doing so will insure prompt and complete reimbursement of your expenses incurred during an RLI session.

Instructions-Expense Reimbursement Form HOA-RLI Ver 4 


Expense Reimbursement Form – RLI Coordinators and others who incur expenses  relating to the provisioning of RLI events must use this form to request reimbursement for those expenses.

Expense Report HOA-RLI Writeable PDF

Expense Report HOA-RLI Writeable 

RLI Material Order Form – Use this form to order materials such as binders and course materials. Please complete one form for each district order (this helps to facilitate improved expense tracking). The form is writeable in MSWord or it can be printed and completed with pen & ink. Forms should be e-mailed to 10 days in advance of the training session. Forms can be faxed but you must call first. 

RLI Material Order Form 08-18 Fillable


Avery Tent cards: While Avery Tent Cards are on the list of supplies selling for $20.49 for 50 copies; the White Card Stock selling for $16.31 for 250 sheets is a much better deal. If students are filling in their own tent cards using markers, then the plain paper stock would be a more economical choice.

Shipping Charges: Order printed materials early! Paper is heavy, so the cost of overnight shipping is VERY EXPENSIVE. Please order materials no later than Thursday a week prior to your event. This gives the printer enough time to print the materials and ship them utilizing normal shipping charges. (Salim Najjar, our keeper of the Treasury, will be much happier!) Unless told otherwise, shipments will be scheduled to arrive at your location by the Thursday prior to your scheduled event. What about late registrants and walk-ins, you ask? The answer: keep 5-10 copies of each student manual on hand to handle these situations.


RLI Events

RLI Parts I, II, & III, In-Person - District 6860
June 22nd 2024
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RLI Parts I, II and III, In-Person - District 6670
October 19th 2024
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